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Start dateStart timeTitle
Fri, 15 Nov 201911:00amOpen rehearsal and workshop
Sat, 14 Dec 20197:00pmWinter Concert
Fri, 20 Mar 202011:00amOpen rehearsal and workshop
Sat, 20 Jun 202011:00amOpen rehearsal and workshop
Fri, 17 Jul 20206:30pmSummer Concert
Sat, 26 Sep 20207:00pmQuiz Night
Fri, 13 Nov 202011:00amOpen rehearsal and workshop
Sat, 19 Dec 20207:00pmWinter Concert
Sat, 13 Feb 202111:00amOpen rehearsal and workshop
Fri, 25 Jun 202111:00amOpen rehearsal and workshop
Sat, 17 Jul 20216:30pmSummer Concert
Sat, 25 Sep 20217:00pmQuiz Night